Saturday, October 11, 2014

Exposing scientific Truth (that exposes flaws in any prevailing deeply entrenched paradigm) is a complex and noble endeavor.

A simple and irrefutable fact is, existing definitions for software components are erroneous and insidiously flawed. This huge error can be exposed by discovering the truth, such as essential characteristics uniquely and universally shared by every known physical functional component and essential aspects of CBD (Component-Based Design) of complex physical products. There exists a truth and the truth can be discovered. It is an irrefutable scientific fact that, there exists an accurately description (e.g. A set of essential characteristics) for any kind physical being (including physical functional components) and the truth (i.e. the accurate description) can be discovered. The scientific or research community never made any effort to discover the Truth.

The truth is, every known physical functional component shares two essential characteristics and any physical part can be a component if and only if the part has these two essential characteristics. It is possible to discover the essential properties uniquely universally shared by the physical functional component. One of the main objectives of our website is to help experts discover (i) the essential characteristics uniquely universally shared by the physical functional component, and (ii) essential aspects of CBD (Component-Based Design) of the physical products.

Another important fact is, no other kind of physical parts except components can achieve such real CBD (having the essential aspects). It is possible to invent or create equivalent software components (by having the essential properties). Therefore logically no other kind of software part (without having the essential properties) can be a component, and no other kind part can achieve real CBD for software.

Until 500 years ago mankind believed that the Earth is static at the center. Now we know that it was wrong, because we later accepted the fact that the Sun is at the center of our planetary system. However, 500 years ago, it was not easy to prove that the axiomatic assumption (i.e. Earth is static at the center) is erroneous, since geocentric paradigm had been evolving for over 1000 years and countless epicycles and retrograde motions were well documented to justify the geocentric model. Any one living on the Earth all his life had no evidence that the Earth is moving and had no problem observing retrograde motion. Besides there were no simple answers to questions such as, if the Earth is moving, why the Moon is not left behind?

It took more than 100 years and great sacrifices to expose the error in the seed axioms of then deeply entrenched geocentric paradigm and conventional wisdom. Telling the Truth (i.e. the Sun is at the center) offended then deeply entrenched conventional wisdom and common sense. The Truth was exposed at great sacrifices, for example, Galileo was impression for life and Giordano Bruno was killed for advocating the Truth.

Even in the 21st century, many respected scientists and researchers feel offended, if I say that the existing definitions for so called software components are fundamentally flawed. Many software experts feel that, I am insulting the common sense and refuse to learn the facts that can expose the Truth. The researchers and scientists have been using every possible excuse to evade their sacred duty of discover truth.  When confronted in an open forum, they have been using silly and baseless excuses to ignore the inconvenient facts and reasoning.

Most experts demand that proof must be in few sentences. It was not easy 500 years ago to prove that the Sun is at the center. It was not easy to expose errors in seed axioms of any deeply entrenched paradigm. I respectfully request researchers to discover the truth about physical functional components and CBD of complex one of a kind physical product. It is their sacred duty to discover the Truth to over come myths and insidious epicycles that have been accumulating in any deeply entrenched paradoxical paradigm (which has been evolving for decades or centuries) in the name of scientific progress, which results in alerted reality.

How is it possible to provide proof in few sentences to overcome this kind of altered reality (supported by thousands of myths and epicycles accumulated over decades)? Out website can only help scientists discover truth, only if they are willing to discover the truth with open mind.There exists a Truth about real-components for achieving real-CBD, and the Truth can be discovered.

The existing software engineering paradigm have been evolving by relying on unsubstantiated myths such as any kind of software parts (either having certain useful properties or conform to so called component model) is a kind of software components. It has no basis in reality. Using such fake components is not CBSE. Our website has irrefutable proof for the scientific fact: No physical part can be a component without being (i) replaceable and (ii) self-contained. It is absolutely essential to rely on the knowledge of error free scientific facts, reality and sound logical reasoning to transform computer science into real science and software engineering into a real engineering.

Many experts insist that, it (not inventing real software components) is not a big error – We respectfully disagree. If physical components and CBD for physical products offers only very little benefits in designing and building complex physical products, then not having real-software components is a minor error. But it is a huge error, because it is practically impossible to design and build complex physical products. The flawed definitions for so called software components preventing the research necessary to discover the nature of physical functional component for inventing equivalent software components that are capable of achieving real CBSD.

           It is not a small error to rely on flawed facts (and resulting paradoxical reality) for advancing any scientific field. Mankind still would be in dark ages, if the so called small error (the Earth is at the center) were not yet exposed. More than 500 years ago, even the basic science end up in a paradox (i.e. as a fake science), and exposing the error eventually resulted in transforming it into a real science. Only possible path available for scientific progress is discovering and relying on truths (i.e. fact and reality). Scientific progress is impossible, if researchers and scientists try to advance any science field by relying on flawed facts (and applying brute force to advance the field for prolonged period only leads to altered reality).

Any scientific field ends up in altered reality (e.g. paradox) and as a fake science, if basic facts the researchers have been relying to advance the field has hidden flaws and researchers apply brute force to advance the field without realizing the flaws. Software engineering ended up in an altered reality due to the brute force being applied since mid 1960s to advance software engineering, without ever validating the definitions for so called software components exist today.  Whenever I try to expose flaws in the existing software engineering paradigm, today software researchers justifying the paradox (i.e. altered reality) by using silly excuses such as computer science is different. No meaningful progress is possible until the truth (i.e. reality and facts about physical functional components & CBD of physical products) is discovered, even if it is hard to discover the Truth.

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